Suitability of WooCommerce splitter according to the order amount?

Published August 8, 2020 by WordPress Mechanic

We are selling high end mobile phones and going to add one non-credit card installment payment gateway soon. This gateway has credit limit up to $1000 only. So we would like customers to allow >$1000 products with split payment. Let say $1500 order, we would like to split to $1000 and $500 each and customer can pay $1000 using installment payment gateway and remaining $500 in bank transfer or similar, which will be assigned by us. Can your plugin do that way?

This plugin can split the order on the basis of follow:

Products are in stock or out of stock
Products are selected and unselected from settings page
Products are in one group and a few in other
Products are from certain categories and not from any category
Products should be divided according to the quantity ratio set from back-end
Products from different vendors
Products and Variations with certain attributes
Products from certain categories + divide according to the quantity ratio described
Your case is about manual decision making. So i think the quantity split “custom” method will work for you. You will open an order, will keep a few items in one order and split the remaining.

But still i think an accurate $1000 amount and remaining amount will not work, i doubt. You might will require a new split method.

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