Assume a world without internet!

Published April 29, 2016 by malcomcox

A world without internet is a world with sorrows or realities? We, the humans, were already much coward in reality and then we created a fantasy in web world. Internet was really boring initially; even buttons were implemented as ugly in web 1.0. People were addicted to porn photos on playing cards and the same thing helped them to understand the usage of internet. Internet café business started and revenue was awesome initially, but the usage was just creating email addresses, IRC chatting with anonymous opposite sex far from your country or nude photo albums tour. Nobody thought that how it possible is that internet is recently introduced all over the country and immediately nude pictures were captured, scanned and finally uploaded for our entertainment. And those photos were not limited to a couple of celebrities but a wide range of actors, actresses. Unfortunately the same pattern adopted further for many other unsaturated portions of online business. I will write about them later but for now I want to conclude this post that when human feels that there is nothing attractive in something new so he tries to find or forcibly include sex in it. You will agree with me that majority of people started using computers just to learn that how to Google some naked stuff, YouTube videos, IRC chat with anonymous people around the world and playing VCD etc. Awfully large number of people started buying and learning computers. How painful is this, we don’t like to buy a licensed version of OS or application software DVD but we paid a lot for hardware troubleshooters, our computer mechanics, pirated CD sellers. Anyways, this mentality doesn’t exist in a specific continent but it’s same all over the world. We should study our behavior towards learning and intensity of seeking the knowledge. Just unplug the internet cable or turn of the WI-FI for a while, you will see that people will leave mouse and keyboard immediately and will comment, oh, my work was undone. A few were not complaining who downloaded torrent and watching something offline but streamers’ throat will get dry soon. What an addition is it? We don’t want to learn about Facebook security stuff and feel hard whenever Facebook forcibly ask us to add a security layer. It’s like a boring lecture when we occasionally visit our security settings area in Facebook, although it’s a website which we visit many times a day. Same like this, we use Youtube but we never bothered to study its terms and conditions. So the thing is, we live in a world of fantasy. Initially the computer and operating systems were introduced with pure intentions of seeking knowledge but when inventors got zero response from masses so a few incredible thinkers turned the face of coin and people started paying attention. Till yet, we are learning and willing to learn conditionally. We think that if internet is OFF then there is nothing to do on computer. Do you agree?

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